We proudly announce the availablility of jass-2.3.6

Here are the changes (in Jass-pro-2.3.6)  in a nutshell:

  1. Enhanced installer
    Jass now installs in “multiple blender mode” by default. This means, the application data will be placed right into the installation folder. It turned out to be the least problematic way to install blender.  However the “multi user mode is still the “cleaner” way to install.
  2. We have added 6 new “Sculptie Quick Add” functions into the add -> mesh  popup menu:

    This allows you to quickly create a new base sculptie (Cylinder, Hemi, Plane, Sphere, Torus X, Torus Z ) without revisiting the add sculpt mesh popup beforehand.
  3. The Add -> Mesh -> Sculpt Mesh Script has been renamed to “Add -> Mesh -> SCULPT Setup & add”. Note that any modification of the setup parameters is preserved and will be used when you call one of the above mentioned new “Sculptie Quick Add” functions
  4. In edit mode you now can do a quick bake by pressing  ALT – r  (the ALT key plus the “r” key) The currently edited mesh will get baked with the least recent bake parameters.
  5. We have added a Quick bake function into the render menu. Her you now find:
    • Quick Bake Sculpt Meshes (Bakes the current selection using the least recent bake settings)
    • Setup And Bake Sculpt Meshes … (Enters the bake setup tool)
  6. You can now drag the Jass desktop icon into your System tray as a shortcut to launch the tool. Note: Please do not launch blender directly from the installation folder. It will then not find its embedded python! And please do not launch the blenderloader.exe immediately from the installation folder. That won’t work either!