Blender 2.80 a first impression

Note: This post is work in progres and will be updated along with my journey into blender 2.80.

Note: Avastar for Blender 2.8 is not yet ready. We are still working on this.Content goes here

In the past few days i have been playing with the 2.80 user interface. Yes it is different, and first you will be a bit disoriented. But the good news is: Once you get used to it it starts making a whole lot of sense. It is really mostly an improvement over what we have in 2.7 and for most of the features i think you will be going into happy mode in less than 2 days.

Blender 2.80 and Avastar

Avastar-2.8 won’t be so much different. However i can not say much before we get started with the migration. This can only be done after the Beta is out in a few weeks from now. Oh, and for the release numbering:

We decided to make Avastar release numbers the same as Blender release numbers. So the Blender 2.80 version of Avastar will be named Avastar-2.80

Maybe that will help a bit.

Ok, admittedly some parts of the new Blender are a bit more challenging. For example we no longer have face textures, now we have only Materials. Also Blender Render has been replaced.

Tip: after opening, call File -> Reset to Factory Settings to make sure you do not have left overs from older releases in your user interface. Then you will see what you can also find in the various videos on youtube 🙂

Now go to the modelling workspace for … modelling and to the Shading workspace for appreciating eevee in action 🙂