We have just repackaged Jass-2.3.5 so that your entry to meshes next week is well prepared. The brief list of fixes/features is:

  • NEW: Mesh support: A fix to the Collada-1.4 exporter.
  • NEW: Mesh support: We now also distribute the avatar.blend
  • FIX: removed old “pyc” files (python compiled sources).
  • NEW: the factoryreset program has been rewritten.
  • FIX(only jass-pro): multi part bakes now independent of choice of parent part.
  • FIX(only jass-pro): Precision regression caused by missalignements in UV map

customers: You will find the new jass-2.3.5 (pub and free) in your personal download folder (and we hope you have bookmarked it so that you can get hold on the new release with 2 clicks)

first time users: get a free copy of jass-2.3.5-pub from our shop in SL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jass/145/193/25 or purchase the jass-2.3.5-pro version from the same location.

Announcement (updated): We managed to get out a preliminary meshes trail. The first 2 parts are ready for downlowd

[machinimatrix pub meshes_1 640 470 mp4]

More detailed information about the fixes and new features:

With jass-2.3.5-pub:

  • NEW: Mesh support: A fix to the Collada-1.4 exporter. There is an incompatibility in the interpretation of “blender units” It turned out that one blender unit is typically interpreted as “meter” while the collada-exporter interprets it as “centimeter”. In order to keep things easy we have fixed the collada-exporter to be compatible with “meter”. Note: the described fix in our preliminary mesh-tutorial is no longer needed when you use Jass-2.3.5.
  • NEW: Mesh support: We now also distribute the avatar.blend file originally made by Domino Marama You can grab the file directly from  http://dominodesigns.info/downloads/blender/avatar.blend But we also added it directly to the Jass-2 download repository so that you can always find it. It is planned to derive a “rig and pose” workbench shortly (based on avatar.blend)
  • Installation fixes: We unintentionally distributed old “pyc” files (python compiled sources). these Files sometimes caused weird behaviour of Jass-2 (pub and pro). It is not very clear to us when these problems occur exactly. But with jass-2.3.5 the cause has been removed and so this issue should be solved.
  • NEW: the factoryreset program has been rewritten. It now reports exactly what it attempts to do and what it actually has done. It should now run more reliably.

In addition with jass-2.3.5-pro you will get:

  • FIX: With multi part bakes you sometimes get very distorted results. This happens when the parent part of your bake was smaller in at least 2 axes compared to the biggest object in the set. The workaround was to use the biggest object in the set as parent for all parts. This issue has been fully fixed now. It turned out to be a bug in blender.
  • FIX: Sometimes the UV map of your sculpted prim was shifted away from the UV grid. As a result you find some apparently wrongly positioned vertices in your final sculptie. This is not a problem in many cases. But when it comes to precision these vertex shifts are very annoying. We have already added some fixes in that area. But now we have fully solved the problem.