Dear Comunity

I have now installed a binary Distribution Vendor in our JASS-Shop in Second Life.

You will have to first visit this vendor before you can download Jass-2 PRO. If you face any problems please do not hesitate and contact me immediately (My Second Life name is “Gaia Clary”). Here is the detailed description how to proceed:

Step 1: Visit the JASS-Shop

You can directly teleport to the JASS-Shop by following the JASS-SLURL:

Step 2: Buy the product

When you enter the JASS-Shop you will find the JASS-vendor just in front of you at your right hand side.

The left ipad-like panel labeled with “Buy JASS 2 PRO” is for new customers. The right panel labeled with “Update to JASS-2.3.1 PRO” is for customers who have already purchased the product. When you click on the Vendor you will be asked to pay the purchase price (2000L$ for new customers, 1 L$ for existing customers)

The vendor will accept your payment and return your personal Download Link to you in 2 ways: It will inform you in the local Chat:

You can click on that link. Then your personal download page opens up in your Browser.Besides this you also get yet another popup box which contains the same link:

You can click on the “Go to Page” button and again you end up in your Browser. It does not matter which way you go. But please keep the link at a safe place. This is the only way you can later access the binary files if you need to download them again for any reason! Here is how the download page looks like:

If your Browser supports it you can klick on the “Bookmark” button and conserve the download link right within your Browser. You can download the product from the given Download link (here in the image it is for jass-2.3.1-pro.exe

Please understand that we will count every download from your download page. So please keep this link for yourself. For your convenience the download link keeps valid for 30 days. So you can redownload the data several times if for some reason you get download problems.

Also note that we will refund you to 100% in the case when the product does not install or is defect by any means or does not suit your needs at all. Refund will only be possible within 30 days after payment.

We hope you enjoy the product. And we hope the purchase process is acceptable.

thank you for purchasing and downloading Jass-2

The Machinimatrix