Today (30-January-2011) Domino Designs and The Machinimatrix agreed on a partnership to create Primstar-2, a content creation toolset for Second Life and similar online worlds.

Primstar-2 will be based on blender 2-5 (or newer) and contain tools for creating sculpted prims, regular prims and meshes. We are also aiming to merge all features of the currently available jass-2 products into Primstar-2.

Domino Marama from Domino Designs will be mainly responsible for developing and maintaining the Primstar-2 software. Gaia Clary and The Machinimatrix team will be testing, creating documentation, producing tutorials and handling the sales.

The development of Primstar-2 will be funded by the sales of Jass-2 products and by your donations. The point of sales will be the Jass-Shop in Secondlife (SLURL: )

Upgrade options from Jass-Pro and Jass-Magic to Primstar-2 will be available. We will shortly setup very attractive early bird offers for Primstar-2. The maintenance of all jass-products and the development of Jass-Magic will continue as planned.

We are sure that our partnership will be very productive and beneficial for all 3D-content creators. Please spread the word!

Wishing you all the best from
Gaia and Domino