I have decided to open the JASS-Shop. But be aware that it is not yet fully developped. In fact only very little of what i want to do has been done yet. But maybe it is a good idea to just open the shop and work on it in the public. Here is the SLURL:


The items i have placed on the Donation tablet shown above are mostly meant as donation goodies.

  • The big versions are full perm and grant all rights to the buyer so they are also good for resellers.
  • The small versions are copy/notrans and meant for people who like to donate to us and get an item back as thank you.
  • The ipad-like Donation box on the floor is meant for just paying JASS-PRO or any other arbitrary donations.

In any case feel free to contact me when you have questions about how the items where built or if you got issues with primstar/Jass.

Please also feel free to comment on the (admittedly very small) shop.  Especially if you would do things in a different way then your comment will help me to improve your shopping experience.

Important Note: The shop contains 2 Media prims which only work with Viewer-2. I have decided to do that because i am tired of cutting our SIM into tiny little land pieces just to support multiple video boxes.

Have fun and i hope to see you soon in the Shop.