The judges have spoken. We have been participating in this years 48hour film project machinima contest. Our contribution to this years 48hour film project was “In Memoriam”.

The winner film is “Medieval Dating” from “The Adventures of Luke and Joe”. Our team Machinimatrix got an amazing number of awards in 6 categories:

award lead person
Best Special effects Guido Kurz (postprocessing), Hussayn Dabbous
Best Musical score Holger Edmaier(score), Britta Weyers(vocals)
Best Cinematography Hussayn Dabbous
Best Sound Design(*) Guido Kurz
Best Choreography Arnd Cremer, Hussayn Dabbous
Best Costumes Khali Laguna, Taliah Talamasca, Frislanda Ferraris, Carsten Lubitz

The whole making of the film was only possible by the amazing amount of effort coming from a big team of enthusiasts. Thank you team for all your time, your patience and your excellent work! Here is the full team members list.

Name Function(s) Name Function(s)
Hussayn Dabbous Director
Director of Photography
Jutta Westphal Production manager
Location Scout
Property master
Guido Kurz Art Director
Sound Editor
Arnd Cremer Script
Camera Assistant
Holger Edmaier(score) music (score) Britta Weyers music (vocals)
Colin Bain Voice Krissie Illing Voice
Ayesha Bisiani Skin design
Taliah Talamasca Property maker
Martin Lubda Property maker
Khali Laguna Wardrobe Supervisor
Marcel Balda Location Scout
Property maker
Frislanda Ferraris Costumes
Carsten Lubitz Costumes
Isabella Morrien Pupeteer
Annette Fritsch Catering Lara Dabbous Catering
Melana Kahlen Helping Hand Markus Ingmanns Helping Hand
Diana Balda Helping Hand Thomas Westphal Helping Hand

Here is the list of the other award winners:

award title producer lead person
Best editing Beach Ball Bingo Ideajuice chantal harvey
Best use of prop Beach Ball Bingo Ideajuice
Best Sound Design(*) Beach Ball Bingo Ideajuice Lorin Tone

Best Directing Medieval Dating The Adventures of Luke and Joe
Best writing Medieval Dating The Adventures of Luke and Joe
Best Acting Medieval Dating The Adventures of Luke and Joe

Best use of character A Very Bear-y Christmas LogSpark Motion Pictures
Best Graphics A Very Bear-y Christmas LogSpark Motion Pictures
Best Soundtrack A Very Bear-y Christmas LogSpark Motion Pictures

Best use of Line of Dialogue Paint the Line Running Gun LLC
(*): Sound design has a tie between Machinimatrix and Ideajuice

The constraints to be used in the film where:

Character: Pat Mitchell, Painter
Prop: a beach ball
Line of Dialogue: “I need a drink.”

Special thanks go to Ayesha Bisiani (Skin Within), who has put signifcant amount of work on the avatar skins.
And more special thanks go to Gaia Clary (Jass), who has contributed the light system and the avatar movement controller.