Now it is done. Our contribution to this years 48hour film project was “In Memoriam”.

Some background information:

8 teams have participated in the film contest and tried to create a machinima within 48 hours during the weekend from 14-16 november 2008. 5 teams have met the deadline and entered the contest. 6 films in total have been uploaded and screened last thursday.

The films are:

title genre producer
A bear-y Christmas Holiday film LogSpark motion pictures
Beach Ball Bingo Thriller/Suspense Ideajuice productions
In Memoriam Horror Machinimatrix
Medieval dating romance
Paint the lIne Road Movie Running Gun
Things you need(*) Musical Jun Falkenstein

(*) This film has not met the deadline, so it has only been screened, but it is not in the contest.

The constraints to be used in the film where:

Character: Pat Mitchell, Painter
Prop: a beach ball
Line of Dialogue: “I need a drink.”