NHR-5 – Fixing Bone Roll

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Now that we have defined our new shape, it's important to fix the bone rolls. Bone rolls values are extremely important to let the rig work correctly during animation, avoiding tedious and sometimes almost impossible fixes. These values will determine which is the natural bending direction of each single bone in this rig. This is the reason for that long explanation about joint orientations, bvh standard and the in depth discussion of how to setup bone roll: it is what we have to comply with now.
  • The anterior Legs (front)
  • X Mirror
  • Anterior Legs chain
  • Recalculate Bone Roll
  • Quickfix for flipped X Axis
  • Check the Deform Bones
  • Adjust the Deform Bones
  • More about Snap
  • Check the Rest Pose
  • Bone Display Style
  • Snap Rig to Pose

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