NHR-3 – Bone Roll

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Bone rolls values are extremely important to let the rig work correctly during animation. Having a clean and consistent bone setup with correct bone roll settings also avoid tedious and sometimes almost impossible fixes.

The correct bone roll settings are also important for animators because one of the major interaction models for transforms is via hotkeys, using the x, y, and z keys to specify axes. And finally a well organized setting of bone roll can make manual animating easier when we use Blender's pose tools for copy&paste and copy&mirrorpaste.

  • The local Y Axis
  • The Dominant Axis
  • The Lower Arms (Elbow Joints)
  • The Lower legs (Knee Joints)
  • The Head
  • The Eyes
  • The Dominant axis and the X-Z Plane
  • Enable Axes Display
  • Bones with 2 dominant axes
  • Which axis to use when ?
  • Modify the Bone Roll
  • Editing the Avastar Rig
  • Adjust the wrist Bone
  • Left-Right symmetries
  • Create a symmetric Pose
  • Fixing Bone roll Asymmetry
  • The root Bone
  • The COG Bone

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