Demo II: Create Weightmaps for a rigged mesh 

This is our roadmap for demo II:

  • Apply the Mirror Modifier (Avastar does not yet support mirror during parenting)
  • Parent the tank-top
  • Inspect the Tank-Top Object (after riging).
  • Avastar tools for rigged meshes
  • Inspect the Tank-Top Weight Maps
  • setting up a “working” animation

Apply the Mirror Modifier


Avastar has an embedded weight Copy tool which also works during parenting. Unfortunately this weight copy tool does not work well alongside with a mirror modifier. So we have to apply the modifier now.

  • Ensure that you are in Object Mode
  • And your Mesh (the Tank-Top)is selected
  • In the Modifier stack locate the Mirror modifier and apply it.

Now we only have the Shrinkwrap modifier left in the Modifier stack.

For Avastar Users: You are done, just step ahead.

For Workbench users: You either have to create your own “shadow” meshes of the avatar character by yourself, or apply the shrinkwrap modifer as well.


Parent the tank-top


In the next step we are going to attach the Tank-Top to our Avastar character:

  • Ensure you are in Object mode
  • Select the Tank-Top and the Avastar armature
  • Open the Tool shelf and locate the Rigging panel
  • Enable “With weight Copy”
  • Parent to Armature (1)

Workbench Users: You will Use Object -> Parent -> Armature Deform -> With Empty Groups

This will create empty Weight Groups for ALL Armature bones. Then you may want to transfer weights with the Transfer Weights tool (not described here)