You want to get the freshest cookies on the market? Then here is our Daily build folder for Avastar:

Avastar Daily Build Folder

A little Secret: We are close to the next release, so here you find what will be coming soon. And you can check it out now. Tell us in the comment section below if you find something broken. We will fix it f possible.

The most recent changes


  • Imp: Separate creation of weights for SL Eyes and Mesh Eyes
  • New: Added option to disable specific parts of the skeleton during binding (needs more testing)
  • Imp:Shortened Name of bone weight section selectors(wip)(2.4-9)
  • Imp: spine bones are only added to weight from bone when unfolded (2.4-8)
  • Imp: Added option to disable synchronization of deform bones with animation bones
  • Imp: switch between workflows now much faster
  • Imp: Bone constraints now begin with AVA (should be backwards compatible) (2.4-6)
  • Imp: Silence Blender console when smooth by weight
  • Imp: Removed left over debug print messages
  • Imp: Naming of buttons and Tooltip for the Bind pose operation


  • Fix: When fitting sliders are moved to extreme values we get false error messages in console
  • Fix: Export Skeletons without Bind Pose was broken
  • Fix: Creation of Basic Avastars broken after fixing issues Spine bones in 2.4-8 (please update!)
  • Fix: Typo in the weight generation function regarding usage of volume bones while doing automatic weights from bone
  • Fix: Urgent bugfix – Creation of Avastar rig was broken in 2.4-7 (please update!)
  • Fix: Switch between pose preset and deform preset does not take volume bones into account(2.4-7)
  • Fix: Improve Avastar behavior when trying to enable fitting panel for a mesh that has already fitted mesh data (2.4-5)
  • Fix: IK Constraints only work with the Blender default language (2.4-4)
  • Fix: Export with bind matrix data now enforces export as female in white stickman mode
  • Fix: Weight Inspector: prepared for changes in
  • Fix: Freeze Mesh creates a trace dump (only on Blender 2.8) when user selects to delete original mesh
  • Fix: IK Align tool did not align correctly (2.4-2)
  • Fix: Set IK Target Orientation for right leg was wrong (typo)
  • Fix 46850: Error exporting a cube with Avastar fails (2.4-1)

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