Avastar 1.4.5 is out. The coolest feature of this Avastar release is its ability to support Custom shape keys. However this works best when you also have the Sparkles Tools installed.

Please always ensure that your Sparkles release matches to your Avastar release. Then you have a good chance that the tools work together.


Changelog since avastar-1.4 has been released:

Visible improvements:

New Release Info panel for Avastar

When you open the Avastar Vertical Tab in the Tool Shelf, then you now find a panel named Avastar *.*.*
Inside the panel you now find a new Button Check for Updates. When you click on this button, then your local Browser opens a page on our website from where you can see if we have published a new Release.

Note: This panel has previously been named Avastar Tools

New Release Info Panel for Sparkles

You find the corresponding Sparkles *.*.* Panel in the Tool Vertical Tab of the Tool Shelf.


Other improvements:

  • Improved shapekey copy tool now also works when sources and target origins differ.
    We have seen that many users do not match the origin of their attachments with the origin of the Avastar character. Also it seems to be common that the object scaling and rotation is not applied. We decided to improve the Shape key copy tool to also work on scaled and rotated attachments with their origin at an arbitrary location.
  • Updated Avastar template files
    Now the textured template and the animation template use the newest Avastar Armature.
  • Loading of xml shapes was broken in Avastar-1.4
    Nothing to say here. It needed to be fixed, so it was fixed.