We are happy to announce that today we have bought 50 Blender Cloud Coupons which we are going to give away to our customers over the next 4 weeks. And here is the deal:

A weekly lottery

Within the next 28 days we are organizing a weekly lottery where “eligible users” (see below for who is eligible) can participate in winning a free 3 months Account in the Blender Cloud.

The lucky winners will get in detail:

  • 3 Month access to the Blender Cloud
  • Download 11 first class Training courses
  • Download all film production material from the previous open Movie projects

All of this is worth a value of ~250 US$

If Project Gooseberry gets live, then you can decide on your own to keep in the Cloud for 15 more months. That will give you online access to all film production data, you can even participate in the project. And finally you will get credited in the film roll as personal supporter of the project.

Either Participate by purchasing a product

  • Purchase one of the following products within the next 28 days either from SL or via Paypal:

OR participate by writing your success story

The first lottery will take place on next Saturday 5-april-2014.

Why we do this ?

Our main motivation for this particular action is to make the Project Gooseberry more visible to the public, to gain attraction to the Blender Cloud and well, simply to thank you all for being our customers.