Welcome to Avastar 2.79

Naming conventions changed

We changed the naming conventions for Avastar. The previous major Avastar release was Avastar 2.5 . Avastar 2.79 is the follow up release.

On our way to Blender 2.80

Avastar 2.79 does not(!) work on Blender 2.80. But it is the departure point of our migration to Blender 2.80. Our goal is to move the entire Avastar feature set over to Blender 2.80 with as few changes as possible. We have prepared Avastar 2.79 to make the transition to Blender 2.80 easier.

What comes with Avastar 2.79

We have been fixing many dozens of issues over the past 6 months. Details are in the Avastar release log. We improved:

  • Overall stability
  • Overall usability (interface and operations)
  • Developerkits now work more reliable (also for male characters)
  • Update Tool (supports even more odd situations as before)
  • Support for Animesh
  • Rework of the Documentation
  • Speed of the Appearance Slider System

Updating to Avastar 2.79 from Avastar 2.5 is highly recommended.


Please report issues early
to keep the tool in good shape