Today we celebrate Primstar’s first Birthday and we want to thank all of you who have helped to fund the development of Primstar-2 by purchasing the early access offer or one of the Jass products. Now we want to invite you to celebrate with us. We have prepared 2 specials for you:

Birthday discount(1):

If you have not yet purchased Primstar-2, then we give you a discount on any Primstar-purchases until end of april:

  • Update from Jass-Magic: 500 L$

  • Update from Jass-Pro: 2000 L$

  • New Purchase: 3500 L$

(1): The discount is only valid for L$ purchases.


If you have already purchased Primstar-2 then you have the chance to win a voucher of value 6000 L$:

All you have to do is to visit our Jass Shop. There we have placed a drop box left to the Primstar-2 vendor where you can drop a notecard with your personal wishlist for “a better Primstar-2”.

Each entry that has been dropped until end of April-2012 will participate in a lotterie. You can win one of 10 Vouchers of value 6000 L$. These vouchers can directly be used to order a free license for Avastar-1 (or Primstar-2, transfer of the Voucher to another resident is possible)

Note: You can drop multiple notecards into the drop box, but only one of your drops will participate in the lotterie. You also can left click on the drop box to get a template notecard.


We hope you enjoy our offer. And we look forward to see all your suggestions coming into the drop box.

And we wish you good luck.

  • Gaia
  • Domino
  • Magus