Yes, it is true. Somehow we managed to enter the 48 hour film project contest in second life. We know, the competition will be challenging. So we asked our friends to help us as much as they can. And now we are very proud to announce, that we got one of the most famous event specialists in second life into our team, Tuna Oddfellow, a real word magician who has specialised in cross world events. He has allready turned out to be a very kind and helpfull soul and excited like us to be part of the machinimatrix team.

And we got Skin Within on our side. Ayesha Bisiani has given us her full support, when it comes to design and adjustments for Avatar skins.

And here we are, the core machinimatrix team:

June Brenner, marketing , bringing fun ad giggles to our meetings
Tuna Oddfellow, virtual pyrotechnic, our super hero
Jim Gustafson, technician, creative sound effects master, video editor
Diddi Habercom , business developer, OCM (organized coffee maker)
Lorna Lubitsch, master of avatar design and outfit
Milli Santos, master of inworld shopping, model, actrice
Steve Nobles, story writer, film music maker
Raven Skosh, SIM scouting, building
Ayesha Bisiani, Avatar skin designer, best networker in world
Hussayn Salomon, … who is Husssayn Salomon ?

So we are definitely seeing forward to a 48 hour lasting event of busy creativity. Of course we have come together here with the goal to climb up the ladder to the top. Beeing part of the game is allready half the way and it is a pleasure in itself. Even if we do not win this contest, we will at least have a lot of fun in this time. And fun has allready started. So we plan to make a beta testrun on the next weekend. We will give ourselve a fictive task and try to mesh up something within only 12 hours. So the team can directly see, where we need improvement.

We will use this blog here as our reporting central and YOU can participate by watching our stupidities and our progress in this machinima thing… Let’s get up and go. Time is running.