Hello, all;

I have taken some time to check our content for possible inaccuracies and missleading information and reorganization. I apologize for the long downtime. Here are the most apparent changes:

  • You now will find our clarified terms of usage in the upper left corner of most Blog pages.
  • At the same location you find quick links to all our product pages.
  • We also have rewritten the licenses inside the jass-distribution packages to become more clear about what is allowed and what can not be done.
  • We have added Paypal Payment for Primstar-2.

Important note about the Primstar-2 license

The license terms for the Primstar-2 distribution have been changed from GPL to a Fair Enduser License Agreement. The reasons for this change have been summarized by Domino Marama on his Website. I fully support these changes and i have nothing to add to his reasoning. You can find his notice here.

In short the most apparent change is that starting from release primstar-2-dev-175 on, the software can no longer be redistributed. We have meanwhile published this new Primstar-2 release and we have removed all earlier releases from the download inventories. You are not obliged to update your existing installations and the license changes only affect Primstar-2-dev-175 and the upcoming releases.

We hope that our current customers now feel better protected against loss of value. And we hope that our clarifications will encourage new users to join us. Thank you for your patience, appreciation and for any support you gave to us in the past, and hopefully will give to us in the future.