I realised that many of the recent discussions in the “blender” IM-group in Second Life are related to Jass and Jass-pro issues. This may disturb some of those group members who are not interested at primstar/jass. So i decided finally to startup an entire new group where jass users can meet and exchange informations and help each other. Just like we always did in the “blender” group, but now clearly separated from all blender users who do NOT use primstar/jass. And you can be sure that we will not use this group for any sort of direct advertisement!

Everybody can join “blender primstar/jass” for free. Of course you can ask your friends to join too if it is appropriate. But please keep away from sending group notices about “blender primstar/jass” within other groups. We also do not want you to do any sort of advertisement about Machinimatrix, Jass and our tutorials. We know this is mostly meant as  another way to support our work. But such attempts also often unintentionally look like “partnership with the Machinimatrix”.

So.. Enjoy the new group if you like and have some fun…
Thank you for your attention!

Cheers, Gaia
The Machinimatrix