Hi, all;

The event is over now. As always Tuna’s show was well visited. I am not sure, how many of you sculptors have actually joined the party as it was quite crowded. But i have seen some of you 😉 I wanted to make some fotos from the party itself, but it turned out to be almost impossible for me to ban the scene into images. So you MUST go there and take a look by yourself. Anyways The show was running for 2 hours and afterwards we invited everybody who wanted to continue chatting to join us in the “Flamingo Bar” …:


Well, we ended up in a Gang of 4 debating for almost 4 hours about many many… many interesting issues all around blender, primstar, future planning, and what not else…

Here are some pics:

Raz… always coming up with good ideas, showing us her latest creations, WOW!!! thank you raz!


Mr. Undercover … “Don’t use my name, but show my pic” He was all so funny an inspiring. It was hell of fun to chat with him 😉 And if you want to talk to him, come and join us the next time. And no, we won’t tell who has been hidden behind his avatar!


Of Course Domino was there, telling us lots of information about his upcoming moves, ideas,products… That! was informative chat…


Yes, i was there too, of course 😉 I’m looking somewhat tired on the pic, but i was eagerly listening to the conversation. I was mainly asking questions, though i haven’t been a big babblemouth that night (i guess…). But if you had been there with us, you would now know about what I am planning in the next few months. Surprise, surprise …


So let’s get together again soon and

have even more fun