Hi, All

Thank you again for your donations for the work of Domino Marama.
In total we have collected an amount of about 500 US$ within 30 days
which is not too bad!

We have meanwhile managed to transfer all your Donations to Domino’s
accounts. Furthermore the machinimatrix has added the same sum as we
have collected from you plus some extra donation from the founder of
the machinimatrix. The exact transfered sum is well above 1000 US Dollar
and that should help Domino to continue working on the primstar scripts
for a while.

Please continue to donate to Domino’s accounts if you want to help him.
And consider to donate to the machinimatrix, if you find our work
is saving your time and your money …

By the way: Donating in Linden Dollars seems to create less transaction fees
compared to donating on Paypal…

Thanks a lot
(for the machinimatrix team)