What is Avastar ?

Avastar is a Blender Addon for Second Life Mesh Creators and Animators. It contains various functions to make Modelling, rigging, weighting and animating easier compared to blender’s out of the box functionality. If you are interested in a detailed comparison to pure Blender, then please read the Comparison to the Avatar Workbench.



Mesh Highlights

Avastar supports: import of SL shapes, upload of mesh characters to SL, complete emulation of the SL shape editor, SL shape sliders, Accurate attachment modelling, extended checks on meshes before export.

Animation Highlights

SL compatible bvh retargeting, Export to .bvh and to .anim format. Auto FK and IK/FK controls for the standard SL Rig. Accurate animation of pose bones and fitted Mesh.

 What you get exactly

  • You get an activation link from where you can download the most current version of the Addon. The activation link is valid for 8 days.
  • Only if you have a valid account on the Machinimatrix website: You can get permanent access to your download by assigning your purchase to your account.
  • You get 1 year free product updates. This includes bugfixes and new features as they appear.