Avastar Support Renewal


Avastar support terminates one year after your purchase.
When this happens, you can purchase the Avastar
support renewal to prolong your support for another year.



What is Avastar Renewal ?

So you have purchased Avastar one year ago and you have received regular product updates until now. And now your support has terminated. In this case you can renew your support by purchasing this “Avastar Support Renewal”. So in fact you get one more year of additional support. easy? yes: As soon as you bought your Avastar Support Renewal your account will show you that you are set and done.

What you get exactly

  • You get 365 extra support days for Avastar.
  • This includes updates and usage of our ticket system.

Open your product download folder right after purchasing to see the number of support days has increased. There is nothing else for you to do. We handle everything automatically.