Welcome to the frequently asked questions about Avastar. Here we try to answer the most frequent questions about the product.

Where can i get support?

Chat rooms in Discord

Discord Invite


SL Help Group

login to SL and join the chat group “Blender Avastar”



Support ticket system

The support ticket system is currently disabled and reopens when Avastar 2.81 is released.

Support Ticket system


Where is the Doc?

For Avastar-1

Avastar-1 Docu


For Avastar-2

Avastar-2 Docu


Can i Recover my purchases?

Yes you can, please read the Register and Download page

Where can i purchase?

  • On the Avastar Home Page (Scroll down)
  • In the JASS Shop in Secondlife

I have Avastar already purchased. Do i need to purchase it again?

  1. Right after purchase you get update support for 364 days.
  2. When the update period expires, then your Avastar addon
    will continue to run forever. You just get no further updates.
  3. You can optionally purchase further yearly update support as long as you want. Note that you are not required to purchase updates every year. We will always remember if you had purchased Avastar anytime in the past. So even when you get back to us after years you still get the 50% discount for a support renewal.

Here is the pricelist:

The Avastar Price list

Why did you forget my purchases?

So you have purchased Avastar some years ago and now you have no access to your downloads? We did not forget you! We only have changed to a more secure download system.

Please create an account on this website, then register your old purchases and all is well again.

Why did you break your free updates forever promise?

Most important: You get free updates forever when you have purchased Avastar-1 before November 2014. Your updates will be in your download folder. But this is only for Avastar-1.

The Problem: In 2014 we realized that the free forever strategy does no longer work. We do not make enough money for a living. But adding new features needs developer time for keeping things running and for adding new features and for providing customer help. And this is not doable without costs.

The Fix:  We decided to switch to a yearly renewal strategy. You can use the software forever, and you get updates and new features for a year after purchase. Every year you can decide if you want to keep up to date, or just live with the Avastar version that you have.

The Avastar Price list

Note: This price list becomes valid as soon as we publish the Avastar-2 release (We are currently in a Release Candidate status)


Why are my tickets not answered?

The primary purpose of the Ticket System is to report Errors to us. However, we try to answer every ticket. But sometimes we just can not do this because each ticket needs time. And we are only very few people here.

Sometimes we receive tickets which do not contain the necessary information. We usually reject those tickets or sometimes we ask for providing the missing information.

What when i am not satisfied with the product?

It does not happen often, but sometimes the product simply does not fit to the user expectation. We are very proud to say that this happens so rarely that we have decided to offer a full refund until 60 days after purchase.

And if you are an old Avastar-1 customer and you have upgraded to Avastar-2 at any time over the past years, then we give you a life time full money back guarantee should you ever want to return to Avastar-1.