You have purchased one of our products and you are not satisfied? You can get a full refund on any item within 60 days after purchase (see below).

Maybe you only have missed some of our documentation? If you want to give it one last try, then you might want to look here:

First steps to become a master

If you are sure that you want to keep with your decision to return the product, then please proceed as follows:

Purchased from JASS-Shop in Second Life:

  1. Important: Make sure you are doing this with the Avatar who has purchased
  2. Create a Notecard with title “Refund Request for <product>”.
  3. In the Notecard you may add a short note what made you unhappy.
  4. Send the Notecard to Gaia Clary

Purchased from PayPal:

  1. Create an EMail to
  2. The subject should contain “Paypal Refund Request for <product>”
  3. In the Email body add the ORDER NUMBER that we sent you in “Your Machinimatrix order …” email
  4. You also may add a short note about what made you unhappy.
  5. The Email sender must be the same email address that also has purchased the product.

Please give us a moment for processing your request. We will take care as soon as we can.