New to Blender?

If you are very new to Blender, or do not understand the terms, then this video may be helpful. Take your time and keep patient!

Please allow yourself to put time into learning Blender. We recommend these external Websites:

Our contribution

We support Blender by helping with the development and with its documentation. We are also active members of the Blender Developer Fund.
In particular our aim is to provide fundamental help for Creators of 3D Content for Game Engines. We take special care about Second Life and compatible online worlds.

Our offer for your everyday’s Blender Life:

Avastar Addon — 27 US$

Avastar is a Blender Addon for creating & animating Characters for Second Life and other worlds >>

Sparkles Addon — 15 US$


1: Sparkles-light was a free bonus addon that was distributed to Avastar users for a while. This version is no longer officially available.

2: Sparkles-full can be purchased from the Jass Shop in SL or via Paypal.

3: The Avastar with Quads sparkle is only available if you also have enabled our Avastar Addon.

Sparkles is a Blender Addon for Game character development. Sparkles Integrates nicely with Avastar.

What sparkles do we provide so far?

tool light1 full2
Animation Scale Tool
Timeline Copy Tool
UV Face Copy Tool
Weights Inspector
IK Constraint Presets
User Templates
Smart Weight Mirror
Avastar with Quads3


Avatar Workbench Blendfile — free

Avatar Workbench is a simple Blend file that contains a basic Second Life Rig and a basic dummy Mesh character (compatible with the SL Avatar)

Primstar 2 Addon –22 US$

Primstar is a Blender Addon for creating Sculpted Prims and Terrain fields for Second Life ands other worlds >>