This course (text & video) will guide you through all aspects of the Second Life Skeleton. This knowledge will help you to create your own SL compatible characters, attachments and animations.:

  1. SL Appearance Sliders & Anatomy of the SL Avatar (finished)
  2. The SL Avatar and rigged Mesh (currently in edit)
  3. Bone Sliders and Morph Sliders (video transcript available as place holder)
  4. Sliders and Weight maps (video transcript placeholder)
  5. Weightmaps and Animation (video transcript placeholder)
  6. Rest Pose and SL Default Avatar (video transcript placeholder)
  7. Working with non default Shapes (video transcript placeholder)

The Video

The course video is finished and available in its final version. The video contains a brief self contained introduction into all topics which will be covered in much greater detail within the course lessons.

The Course texts

Important note: The text part of this course is still in developed. Lesson 1-3 are finished by now. The course texts for lessons 4-7 are currently under construction and will become available until end of December 2014.

Where to purchase ?

in Second Life: We have installed a Vendor in the Jass Shop in Second Life.

Jass Shop (3600 L$)

The vendor will give you a course registration link. You will need this link to add your course to your Machinimatrix Account.

Via Paypal: Just hit the purchase button and then go ahead as indicated:

PayPal (15 US$)

Right after purchase, you need to open your my products page, then locate the my courses toggle. Open the toggle and start the course.

Tip: You must have an account on the Machinimatrix website before you can open the course! It turns out to be easiest when you first create an account then purchase the course.