Your update & support subscription
has terminated.

Why did it terminate?

We only give support for one Year.

Your support period is over. Its that easy.

What can i do?

Purchase a Support subscription Update, see below.

I don’t want this!

You can continue to use your product forever. You just get no more Product Updates.

But no panic, we are friendly people. We give you more time to decide, but note that your download folder can be removed any time soon.

Update in Second Life

  1. Visit theĀ  JASS Shop and click on the Product Vendor for this product.
  2. Purchase a one year support subscription (50% discount).
  3. You can purchase from the Normal Product Vendor.

Update with Paypal

  1. Buy the Update by pressing the Paypal Button below.
  2. Purchase a one year subscription update (50% discount).
  3. The additional support time is automatically appended to your product



This message goes away after renewal.

Thank you for supporting us by purchasing the update.

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