[blip.tv 11LCh0oA 320 200] abstract: The tutorial is a 6 minutes life demonstration, how to create a whine glass sculptie with blender, from scratch and without any(!) help of scripts. I only use the blender internal functions and show a very easy going way. This tutorial is dedicated to Amanda Levitzki and Domino Marama, who have given me all the hints i needed to eventually find the demonstrated workflow. I hope, you like it. And , please, please send me feedback 😉

Important Note: Please take a minute to read the Tutorial license terms.

High quality download: PuristSculpties.wmv

The Transcript

Hi! I found a way to make sculpted prims with very little effort,
and without any scripting help. You are interested ? Here we go.

Start your virgin blender. No scripts here.
No nothing. This is pure blender 2.46 .

ok, as allways, delete the default object first. Then split the view, and open the UV-image editor. Are you afraid of UV-unwrapping? Don’t worry, there is nothing to do there. Just watch, while we are stepping through the process.

After you prepared your view, create a plane mesh object, and then go to edit mode,
Call the UV-unwrapper now, and just unwrapp this single face object. This is trivial, isn’t it?

Believe it or not, but the UV-map is already finished. So, lets blow up the mesh-count to a reasonable size. Use subdivide, and apply it 5 times. We end up with 32 times 32 faces. Now you have already prepared your sculptie mesh. But it is a simple plane. So what comes now?

let us start with a cylinder object. switch to the front view, and use the warp-tool to bend the mesh. Place the 3D cursor right under the plane. Then warp to 360 degrees.

Now we got a cylinder. But hold on. we need to check something: Zoom to the lowest part of the circle. Then smooth the object once. oh! What is this? You guessed it already, didn’t you?

All vertices from the left side and the right side of the plane fall on top of each other. We have to stitch the plane here. We do this by removing the double vertices now.

But before, press control-z once, to revert the smoothing, and to get the vertices back in place.
Now select the stitching-area and remove doubles.

As expected, the 33 vertices along the side of the mesh have been removed now.
our cylinder is now finished and the UV-map ist still correct.

You can start sculpting the cylinder right now.
I create a simple glass for demonstration. So, after this is finished, now lets make the sculpt map.

  • Go to the material editor
  • create a new material
  • replace the material colors with vertex colors
  • and then proceed to the texture panel
  • Create a new texture and use the texture type, blend.
  • Now go back to the material panel and focus on the texture tab.

go to the Map-Input, tab.
in the x-y-z matrix, select x only

advance to the map-to, tab. Set the color to red, and set the blending-mode to: add

Go back to the texture tab and add 2 copies of the texture.

Go to the map input tab of the secnd texture, and choose, y only, in the x-y-z matrix.

advance to the Map-to: tab, and set the color to green. Dont forget to set blend type to: add.

advance to the third texture, in the map input tab,

select z in the x-y-z tab.

In the map-to tab, set the color to blue, and again set blend type to: add.

in the UV-image editor, create a new image. Select width and height to 64 each.

Now select, render, bake render meshes, texture only.

Your sculpted prim is done.

Now save the image, import it to OpenSim or a similar online world, and verify that your sculptie works as expected.