Sculpted Prims

for Blender 2.6


Character Creation

for Blender 2.6


Sculpted Prims

“The Legend”

for Blender 2.49b

Primstar-2 is an Addon for Blender-2.6 (or newer). The tool is optimized for creating static content for OpenSim and similar platforms. Primstar-2 supports the creation of Sculpted Prims and the creation of terrains. Avastar is an Addon for Blender 2.60 or newer. The tool is optimized for making characters & character animation for OpenSim and similar online Environments. JASS-2 is an all inclusive one-stop software bundle based on Blender 2.49. Jass-2 comes with an Installer (for Windows). Note that Blender-2.49 is no longer maintained.

Where our products run:

Primstar-2 and Avastar-1 are addons which work only on Blender 2.6. The tools can be installed on any platform which is supported by Blender-2.6.

For Jass-2(Blender-2.49b) we have best support on Windows and MAC (Intel based OSX-10.5 and 10.6, also named “Leopard” and “Snow Leopard”).


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