File -> Import -> Sculpty (map image)

This function allows you to import a third party Sculptmap into Blender (The Importer supports .tga and .png) After selecting the Sculptmap, you have the following option in the operator panel:

In the above example i have imported “the Primstar” shape. On the left side you find the “Add UV Shape from Sculptmap Panel. There you have full control over all sculptie parameters. The initial setting Will be carefully selected such that the Shape will be preserved. But you can setup your object for Multires or Subsurf and change the number of actually used faces, Rotate the Seams, … In the following i only describe the specific parameters available in this panel. For a full description of the other available parameters see the “Creation” Chapter further up in this document.

  • Sculpt Map:
    This is the path to the file from where the Sculptmap has been imported. Note that you can change this path if you have chosen the wrong file and want to correct that now.
  • Type:
    This is the Stitching Type which shall be used. Not that Primstar does its best to pre calculate the stitching type. But sometimes the decision made by the software might actually be not what you want. So here you can manually select any of the supported stitching types:

    • Cylinder (one vertical seam)
    • Plane (no seams)
    • Sphere (one vertical seam, bottom,top rows collapsed)
    • Torus (vertical seam and horizontal seam)