Buy Primstar-2 directly from this Website via Paypal Express Checkout.

The following is included with the early adopters program:

  • Get primstar-2 development release for blender-2.57
  • Get primstar-2 final release when ready
  • Get all upcoming Primstar-2 related basic Jass-training tutorials for download in HDI quality.
  • Buying now will directly support the development and documentation work!

Pricing for Early Adopters Program

The final price for Primstar-2 will be US$ 25.00 ( € 18.5)

For a limitted time we  offer a discount price of US$ 22.00 ( € 16.5 )

This offer will end one month before Primstar-2 will be officially released.

License terms for Primstar-2

Primstar-2 is distributed under a Fair End User License Agreement