Important Note: Please take a minute to read the Tutorial license terms.

abstract:A quick tutorial for NURBS adicted: How to turn a NURBS sphere into a sculptie cube.
The tutorial covers any recent blender-version up to the currently recommended release 2.49b and Jass-2.
The tutorial was made with Jass-2.3.6-PRO

[machinimatrix pub NURBSSphere2Cube 640 384 mp4]

intended audience:

  • Creators of “sculpted prims” for OpenSim and similar environments
  • Blender user (mid level skills)

prerequisites (*):

  • download: jass-2 (binary distribution, contains blender-2.49b, python-2.6.4, primstar-1.0.0 and more)

related tutorials:

Separate Downloads:

(*) If Jass-2 is not an option for you, you can download the prerequisites separately:

  • download: blender (2.46 or newer, 2.49b recommended)
  • download: python (2.6.4 for Windows, 2.5.2 for Mac OS)
  • download: primstar (1.0.0 or newer) by Domino Designs