Step1 (Done): Voucher Created

We have created a new Voucher for your license: [PS-Query-Parm id=”voucherid”]


  • The Voucher will expire in [PS-Query-Parm id=”expires”] [PS-Query-Parm id=”unit”].
  • The voucher ID is also displayed in your Download Area (next to the Purchase ID of your product)
  • If you have created the Voucher unintentionally, just wait for  [PS-Query-Parm id=”expires”] [PS-Query-Parm id=”unit”], it will disappear automatically.

Step2 (Todo): Transfer the Voucher

Please copy the Voucher ID and send it to the new license Owner.


  • The new owner can only use the Voucher when he/she is logged in on our Site.
  • The new owner must use the “Add Voucher” function (on his/her own my-Account page).
  • Your product remains accessible to you until the new owner has applied the Voucher.
  • If the new owner does not apply the voucher within  [PS-Query-Parm id=”expires”] [PS-Query-Parm id=”unit”] , you need to create a new Voucher.