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Q&A Section

What is the voucher ID?

A Voucher is a simple character string that looks similar to:


From where do i get a Voucher ID ?

You get a voucher ID typically during a transfer of a product license from another user to your account.

How long is a voucher ID valid ?

A voucher is valid for 24 hours. If you try to use the Voucher after it expires, you receive an error message. when that happens, then call the originator of the Voucher and ask for getting a new voucher ID.

How do i use a voucher ?

Simply add the voucher to the Voucher ID field above.

What is the SL Name ?

This is the resident name of your Avatar in SL. We recommend that you use your Avatar name exactly as it is defined in SL. Note that for new SL accounts your name is always appended by the surname “Resident”.

Note: If you do not want to use your Avatar name here, then please see next question.

I am not registered in SL. What now ?

In that case please use your valid email-address as your user name.

Why is the name field Read only…

So you already have registered products on this account. And your voucher will be added to your existing account. So nothing to worry.