[PS-Youtube id=”uN98SZ1-AcE” w=”320″ h=”206″] We have created a modified Collada Exporter for Blender-2.49b that supports:

  • Setting the measurement unit
  • Checking if a rigged mesh has got weighted vertices

The modified Collada Exporter is distributed and ready installed with Jass-Pro and Jass-Magic. If you only have Jass-pub or a plain vanilla Blender-2.49b then you can install the scripts manually as follows:

Howto install

  1. Locate your system scripts folder.
  2. navigate further down down to bpymodules/colladaImEx
  3. Download the two following files and replace them in your colladaImEx directory:
  4. When you now start blender and export an object to Collada-1.4, you should see the modified Collada export menu:

And when you export a mesh with unweighted verts you get a warning popup like this:

And more in Jass-Magic

The Jass-Magic distribution also provides an extra script, which displays all unweighted vertices so you can immediately see them when you enter edit mode. You can call the script when you are in edit mode:

Mesh -> Scripts -> Check for unweighted verts

or when you are in weight paint mode:

Paint -> Check for unweighted verts

If you have unweighted vertices in your mesh, then the script will select these vertices and when you go to edit mode, you can immediately see them as shown in the image below.