[flowplayer pub bobbiesWeddingCake 320 250] Finally i managed to publish our last year’s contribution to the 48hour film contest. Here is “Bobbie’s wedding cake”. Special thanks go to Barbara Gescher (our musician this time) who was so kind to help us improving the sound track for this director’s cut version. And thanks again also to all other participants.

This time our contribution did not get as high ratings as the last times. We got the award for best graphics (again like in the previous 2 years, thanks to the wardrobiers and thanks to Ayesha Bisiani and her “Skin Within” project). And this time we also got the award for “best use of character”. All in all this time we sadly did not perform well compared to our very strong competitors. But we are still very happy with the results and we learned a lot since then. The first improvements can be seen in “The primstar” movie also published on this Blog.