If you encounter severe and reproducible problems with your primstar installation, then the following checklist could help. I refer to problems like:

  1. The baker reports errors on the blender console.
  2. Parts of the scripts are not found in the blender menues.
  3. Scripts have the wrong (unexpected) name in the blender menues.
  4. Scripts are duplicated in the blender menues.

Note: If primstar seems to work properly and the scripts all run fine but just give unexpected results, then usually you are using the tool in a wrong way. These “errors” can typically not be cured by reinstalling blender/primstar. In that case i recomend to check again either our videos or go to the domino site and read the documentation.

Clean a mixed up installation

You will first check for a wrong installation and mixup of Domino’s older scripts, primstar and Jass-2.

  1. in blender click on Help -> System -> system information
  2. in blender open a “text editor” widow
  3. find the arrow-up/arrow-down icon and select “system-info.txt” The file might appear to be empty. But when scrolling up to the top you get the info.
  4. In the text editor window locate the string “Default dir for scripts:”
  5. Now open your file explorer and go to the mentioned directory.
  6. Search for these files and delete them:
    • add_mesh_sculpt_mesh.py
    • export_lsl.py
    • import_sculptie.py
    • mesh_update_sculptie.py
    • render_sculptie.py
    • uvcalc_eac.py
  7. Search for the same files with the appendix “.pyc” and delete them too. In fact you can delete ALL “*.pyc” files They will be regenerated as needed.
  8. go back to blender and still in the text editor window locate the string “User defined dir for scripts
  9. If a user dir is defined at all, open your file explorer again, go to the mentioned (user-) directory, and again search/delete the files mentioned above.

Restart blender and all should go fine.

Reinstall primstar

If you still encounter problems, then you may want to reinstall primstar or Jass-2:

  1. go to the “Default dir for scripts”
  2. remove the subfolder “primstar” and the subfolder “jass” if they exist.
  3. go to the “User defined dir for scripts”
  4. again remove the subfolder primstar and jass if they exist.
  5. Reinstall Domino’s scripts (preferably into your “User defined dir for scripts”)

(Re-) Install python

Restart blender and all should go fine. If you still encounter problems, then you might have the wrong version of python on your computer:

  1. restart blender.
  2. Check the blender system console. It should report that it searches for a python 2.6 interpreter and found it. If blender reports that no interpreter could be found, then you have to manually install the python version that blender searches for.

Restart blender and all should go fine.

Reinstall blender

If you still encounter problems, then you have mixed up the system in an uncontrollable way. In that case reinstall blender and primstar, or download and install Jass-2.