[machinimatrix pub osx_install 320 180 mov] abstract: This tutorial explains how you can install Jass products on OSX

After you have downloaded the compressed Jass-2 zip file follow these steps:

  1. open (double click) the just downloaded file
    1. For Jass-Pub: jass-pub-2.3.8-for-MAC-OSX-10.5-intel.tgz
    2. For Jass-Pro: jass-pro-2.3.11-for-MAC-OSX-10.5-intel.tgF
    3. for Jass-Magic: jass-magic-1.1.4-for-MAC-OSX-10.5-intel.tgz
  2. A finder window opens up. drag the contained folder “blender-2.49b-osx-10.5-py2.5-jass-2.1-intel” to your Application folder. You might have to authenticate with an administrative account on your Mac.
  3. Download the JASS-2 startup page
  4. Go back to the finder Window and locate the just downloaded file named B.blend. Doubleclick on that file.
  5. Now blender opens up displaying the Jass default screen. navigate to “File -> Save default settings” to permanently store these settings into your blender installation
  6. Start sculpting…

If you do not like the customized default screen, go to “File -> Load Factory Settings” and you are back to the blender defaults (all add-on scripts (primstar) will keep available)

If you want to try out the Jass-Theme, then follow these steps:

  1. Help -> Scripts help browser
  2. In the Themes section you will find the “Jass” and “Primstar” themes. Select one of them
  3. Click on the “run script” button at the bottom of the current screen.
  4. Take care to replace the “scripts” window by the 3D view again (or any other window type of your choice)
  5. Make the settings permanent by File -> Save Default settings. Otherwise you will revert to the default upon next blender restart.