JASS-2 (Just Another Sculptie Studio)

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FREE for XP/Vista/7 OSX-10.4-intel
Version Number: Jass-pub-2.3.8

Please note:

Jass Pro and jass Magic have been replaced by Primstar-2

What is JASS-2 ?

JASS-2 is an all inclusive one-stop software bundle ready customized for a sucessfull start of your career as a sculpted prims creator for OpenSim and compatible virtual worlds. Jass-2 comes with an Installer (for Windows) and with an easy setup video tutorial for Mac-OS users. Below you find the complete list of what you will get with the free version Jass-pub-2.3.*:

  • blender-2.49b
  • python-2.6.5
  • primstar-1.1.0 (separately available in the Jass-Shop)
  • Additional documentation in the blender Help Menu (Links to the machinimatrix videos)
  • For the difference between FREE and PRO edition, see below

Intended Audience

Everybody who hesitates to go through the tedious installation process of blender, python and primstar.

What about PRO and Magic ?

The commercial prodcut versions Jass-Pro and jass-magic are no longer supported. They have been fully replaced by Primstar-2 for Blender 2.62 and newer.



Jass-2 contains software from blender, Domino Designs and python. The official documentation of these tools is also valid for Jass-2. More detailed informations about how to use Jass for sculptie creations can be found in our video tutorial section (also available from the Help -> Tutorials Menu inside Jass). Further information about sculpties can be found in the SL-wiki

Copyright note

  • Copyright 2010/2011 The Machinimatrix/Gaia.Clary
  • This product also contains blender from the blender foundation(*).
  • This product also contains python from the python comunity.
  • This product also contains primstar-1.1.0 from Domino Designs(**).
    Copyright 2009 Domino Designs Limited

(*) We have added some modifications for your convenience. All patches for primstar have been reported to Domino Designs. All patches for blender are available as a separate patch file.

(**) Primstar-1.1.0 is only available from the Jass-Shop. The Jass-Pro and Jass-Magic editions contain modified scripts from Domino Design and some additional functions from The Machinimatrix.


Have fun…
The Machinimatrix