abstract:In this tutorial I will show you a technique how you can combine sculpties into one single sculptmap.The tutorial is accompanied with a purchaseable “tutorial-instruction-kit” …

The tutorial-instruction-kit contains:

  • The video for download (and offline view).
  • Modelling blend file with step by step examples.
  • Texturing blend file with ready made lighting and texture setup.
  • 36 pages of writen documentation with images, annotations and various additional informations.

You can get this kit from the Jass-shop.
The tutorial covers any recent blender-version up to the currently recommended release 2.49b and Jass2.

Intended audience:

  • Creators of “sculpted prims” for OpenSim and similar environments
  • Blender user (mid level skills)

prerequisites (*):

  • download: jass-2 (binary distribution, contains blender-2.49b, python-2.6.4, primstar-1.0.0 and more)

related tutorials:

Separate Downloads:

(*) If Jass-2 is not an option for you, you can download the prerequisites separately:

  • download: blender (2.46 or newer, 2.49b recommended)
  • download: python (2.6.4 for Windows, 2.5.2 for Mac OS)
  • download: primstar (1.0.0 or newer) by Domino Designs




Sculptmap Copy

Did you ever want to do
one sculptie made out of 2 ?

Here i show you with blender
how to create and render
one simple shade for sun.
But that is not all i can.
I make 3 copies of the single one,
add them to the map, and mischief done.
You want to learn the magic ?
Then stay here, it’s no tragic.

It turns out to be even fun,
easy going, easy run.

So lets take a cylinder with face count 8
in x and y, and use subdivision one.
So it is already almost made

and the remaining part is quickly done.
I close the bottom and the top,
avoid to face a dismal flop.
Now we scale down the loops,
adjacent to the poles,
Until we got two tiny strings.
For Crease you type SHIFT E
as You can See?
so why do we want such things ?
In a moment you will see,
that this is all for LOD.

Now i move down in z, like that!
to keep the lower end-cap fully flat:
So now we take the sunshade just like that,
but add some UV-space into its map,
which i will make 4 times as high,
as it was before, in y.
And then i absolutely have to strive,
to scale the map, down to zero twenty-five.

I shift this map now far high up.
And thus i get a big black gap,
This room is later taken very smart,
as storage for the other part.
Since we are clever, and a bit of wise,
we use “Layout, clipped to image-size”

And now comes the magic art.
we select the entire part
Then we use SHIFT-D.
turning to the map we see
there is another bunch of faces.
which we have to move to other places.
We use just for inspection
Sync UV and mesh selection“.
Now check the vertex-lines locations
and verify the expectations.
They are the loops of collapsed rings!
Now we can take these things,
join them simply in the map,
And make clever use of snap.
We now can continue as before,
with part three, and part four.

When we are done it is time to make,
the entire sculptmap using bake.
We added a shortcut in jass-pro,
to edit-mode you need to go
there you press alt-r and wait,
for the baker’s recreate.
In the case that you are
using jass-pub or primstar,
then „render → bake sculpt meshes“ is what you need.
And you are done, indeed.

At the end we simply make,
a quick-check of the sculptie bake.
image import as sculptie“ is to call,
so for today, mischief done and that’s all.

I prepared a blend file just for you.
There you can experiment and do
not just the copy-exercise
but also learn a trick to texturize.
Just visit the Shop of Jass,
And buy it without fuzz.
One last word is to say:
have a nice day!