Feature comparison matrix for all Jass-products, Primstar-1.1.0 and Primstar-2:

Feature 2.49b Jass 2.59/2.6
Primstar-1 Pub Pro Magic Primstar-2(1)
Supported Blender Version 2.49b
Contains Blender binaries          
Installs as AddOn Module          
Multi Language support          
Creation of Primitives
Basic sculptie shapes (Plane,Cylinder,Sphere,Torus)          
Sculptie Shape Hemi          
Sculptie Shapes Bricks, Cone, Ring, Star, Steps, Cylisphere          
Extended sculptie shapes (library)          
Regular primitives (Second Life Prims)          
Interactive display during creation          
UV rotation (for sculpties, depends on shape!)          
UV Curve (non linear face density!)          
Modelling features
Multires and Subsurf for Modeling          
Oblong support          
Sculptify Objects          
Grid Align Tool   (2)      
Optimized Multi Part Baker          
Correct center adjustment          
Sculptmap baking
Single Sculptie Baking          
Multi Sculptie Baking (Preserves Scaling)          
Precise Sculptie Baker (preserves vertex positioning)          
Export features
Export as image (store scultpmap as image)          
Export sculptie collection (creates LSL script)          
Export sculptie&prim collection (scene to SL)          
Import features
Import from File          
Change sculptie parameters during import          
Sculptie from Image          
Update from Sculptie (file)          
Create sculptie from .obj (file)         (6)
Create sculptie from .dae (file)         (6)
Change stitching type during import          
Import sculptie & prim collection (Scene to Blender)          
Advanced Features
Nano Sculpties support          
Alpha Mask “outline”          
Alpha Mask “fully transparent”          
Alpha Mask “custom” from image          
Jass-library of sculpts          
Jass-library of meshes (3)          
Multipart previewer          
Detection of flipped faces          
Auto fix of lost sculptie images          
Auto reassignment of ambiguous sculptmaps          
Auto handling of mirrored Objects          
Auto recalculation of outside normals          
Terrain support
SL Terrain import          
import from height map          
SL Terrain export          
Mesh related features
Collada fix for wrong unit scales (for meshes)         n.a.
Collada dynamic settable unit scales (for meshes)         n.a.
Collada unweighted vertex detection (for meshes)         n.a.
Supported Operating Systems
Windows scripts installer addon
MAC scripts bundle addon
linux, unix, all systems with blender-2.49 ports scripts scripts addon
Support offer
Support via IM (1 free incident)      
Support email (1 free incident)      
Updates (as available) free
Price (US$) (4) 0 donation     25
Price (€) (4) 0 donation     17.5
Price (L$) 0 donation     7000(5)
All payments will be used to finance the development of Primstar-2 and its documentation.
  • installer : Jass on windows is distributed as a pre configured package containing blender, python and the Jass scripts. The installer does the whole job for you.
  • scripts : If your operating system can run blender, you can use the distributed sources to install primstar/jass
  • bundle : We have repacked blender with a working configuration. just unpack it and go.
  • addon : Primstar-2 is designed to be plugged into Blender-2.5 as a Blender addon Module.
  • (1) : Primstar-2 is under development. We have not yet documented all expected features here. Note that Features labeled with a Question mark (?) probably will be replaced by more suitable functions. Features labeled with a gray checkmark have either been scheduled for implementation or are currently under construction.
  • (2) : Can be installed separately, sources freely available
  • (3) : The library of meshes contains the library of sculpts. Note: Right now there is not much in it. More and better content will come soon. The Jass-Library of meshes might be distributed independently from Primstar-2 but as a separate and independent addon module.
  • (4) : prices are very approximate and only meant as guideline. The Linden$ prices are exact.
  • (5) : With the Early Adopters Program we give a discount of L$1000
  • (6) : You can import your objects, then use Object -> Sculptify to convert your imported Object to a Sculpty. This only works if the imported Object IS already a sculpted Prim created wih another tool and just transported to Blender. Note: Ensure that your object has got the seams marked or mark the seams by hand before you try sculptify.