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You purchased just some moments ago. In that case you find the activation link in your SL Viewer. Look at your Nearby Chat.

You have forgotten to remember your account or you mixed up avatars and payment methods:

  • The avatar registered with your account on Avalab not the same as the avatar with which you want to purchase in SL
  • Your initial purchase was with Paypal and you did not register your avatar with your Avalab account.
  • You purchased long time ago, you have no chat.

Then you need to make sure that all Avatars you used for purchase are registered to the same account. Try this:

Attach my Avatar

  1. Go to the JASS-Shop in SL
  2. Locate the purple Octopus that sits in the little Witch hut. The Witch hut on the right side of the Shop.
  3. Click on the Octopus.
  4. Receive your assignment link in the URL Popup window.
  5. Or look in your Nearby Chat for the link.
  6. Call the link in your Browser.

from Paypal

You get the activation link via Email within 60 minutes after purchasing. Please look in your Spam folder if you miss that EMail.

Add Purchases

Get list of purchases

Enter your Paypal Email here:

We send you an Email containing a list of your purchases.

Assign purchases

After you received the Email, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Machinimatrix account
  2. Open the Email that you received
  3. Click on any one of the links in the list

Now all your purchases are assigned to your account.

Note: If you already created an account and logged in on the Machinimatrix Website, then your product activation link beams you directly to the download section and you are done.

from old Download

  • Go to your old download page (the link that you got when you purchased)
  • From there follow the link to the Download Organizer as shown in the image below:

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