Combine purchases from Paypal with purchases from Second Life

Sometimes users want to get an update for a product from the Jass Shop in Second Life although the product was originally purchased from paypal. Here is how you can achieve this:

  • Log in to your machinimatrix Account with your favorite Web Browser and keep your browser open
  • Double check that your Paypal purchases show up on your product page.
  • Go to the JASS-Shop in SL
  • Locate the Avastar vendor
  • Turn to the right. There you find a small Booth with a purple Octopus sitting in it
  • Click on the octopus and you get a registration link in the chat window.
  • Open the link in your browser

Now your Avatar is linked to your Machinimatrix account. If you now update Avastar from Second Life then you should see the discount offer