[PS-Youtube id=”r8oR2bIM5SU” w=”320″ h=”206″] This tutorial shows how you can fix unwanted gaps (broken seams) due to wrong stitching type or unclean Sculptmaps.


hello and Welcome!

With blender and primstar,
you can import sculpties from other programs.

The easiest way to import your object is by using the
Sculptie importer From:

File -> Import -> Sculptie.

All you needĀ  is a copy of the sculptmap in TGA format
or in PNG format.

This import works
as long as the imported sculptmap-follows exactly the rules.
Some sculptmaps however have issues with the seams.
And when importing those sculptmaps to blender,
the problem will become instantly visible.

If you examine the object closely,
you may find a gap, where you actually
expected the object to be closed.

If you have this problem with your sculptie imports,
then primstar is your friend.
You can fix the gap with no effort.

Here i show you how to do that:

First you need to determine the original
stitching type of your object.
In my example the stitching type is cylindrical,
and therefore i now create a simple base cylinder.

I then apply the subsurf-modifier, so that the new object now
has the same number of faces as the broken sculptie.

Now i switch to edit-mode and thereĀ  i select all vertices.

Ensure that you are in edit-mode then follow:

Mesh, Scripts, Update from Sculptie.

Navigate to your sculptmap, and select it for import.

This step copies the data
of the broken sculptie into our new cylinder.

Now the sculptie shape has been copied to the simple cylinder.
And the gap has been corrected in the mesh.

You probably will want to propagate the fix to the sculpt-map.
Therefore you bake the sculptmap again.
And now also the sculptmap has been corrected.

Thank you for watching, and.
Have a nice day!