Decision Helper Questions

What do you want to do ?
Our proposed Product for You.


You make Sculpted Prims ?
Then Your choice will be Primstar-2 for sure.
You make Terrain ?
You may want to take a look at Terrain Support in Primstar-2.
You create Characters and mesh attachments ?
Then Avastar-1 is for you for sure.
You make Animations?
Avastar-1 is exactly what you need.
You make static Mesh ?
If you create items like furniture, buildings, environment assets like trees and plants etc, then you do not need any of our products. Just take pure Blender and be happy.

Our tools in more detail

Mesh: Avastar or Workbench ?

  • When your only intention is to create texture based mesh clothes, then the Avatar Workbench is all you need. You also can create mesh attachments and characters with some additional effort (if you are familiar with Blender and know about the pitfalls of SL).
  • When you plan to build mesh based characters or mesh based attachments and Animations for your creations, then Avastar-1 can be a huge time saver for you.

Sculpties: Primstar-2 or Jass ?

Right now there are only 2 reasons why you would want to keep running with Jass (on Blender 2.49):

  1. The “Sculptify Objects” function works best in Jass.
  2. Jass-pub is the only fully working AND free of charge tool from us.

Our recommendation for Sculptie Makersis: Use Blender 2.7 and Primstar-2.

Note: You can run Jass AND Primstar-2 in parallel on your computer
Note: Jass has reached itsĀ  end of lifetime in summer 2013 and we no longer provide product support. However you can expect to always get some help from our support groups.

Tools for Blender 2.6 and newer

Tools for Blender 2.49

  • Avastar-1 is a tool made for Blender 2.6 and 2.7. This tool is focused on Mesh character creation & animation.
  • Primstar-2 is a complete rewrite of Primstar-1 made for Blender-2.6 and 2.7. The tool is made for creating Sculpted Prims and Terrain. When you are making Sculpted Prims, then we highly recommend to use Primstar-2 over Jass or Primstar-1. But please see below for a more detailed decision guide
  • Primstar-Zero is a free but very limited tool for making Sculpted Prims. In some cases this tool may help you to get started with Sculpted Prims without budget. But it can not at all be compared with Primstar-2
  1. Primstar-1.1 is the historical first product for making Sculpted Prims (Scripts distribution created By Domino Marama)
  2. Jass-Pub is mostly identical to Primstar-1.1 but it comes with an installer (for Windows and Mac) and delivers a complete software bundle including Python and Blender-2.49b

Note: All Jass-Products and Primstar-1 are made for Blender-2.49b only!

Blender 2.6/2.7 ?

or Blender 2.49 ?

You first have to decide if you want to work with Blender-2.49b or a newer Blender version. You can decide to work with both, there is no Problem with that. All our products can be installed in parallel on the same computer without interfering.
Hint: Blender 2.49 is no longer maintained since 2011. The user interface for Blender 2.7 is much more user friendly and Blender 2.7 conforms much more to today’s graphic industry standards.

Blender 2.6/2.7 is your choice ?

If you decide to go with Blender 2.6/2.7, then you can choose between Avastar-1 and Primstar-2.

The good news is that our tools run on every platform which is supported by Blender-2.6/2.7. Installation and workflow is fully independent from your Operating system.

The bad news is: The Addons are not for free and you have to choose which tool fits best for your purpose.

Blender 2.49 is your choice ?
If you decide to go with Blender 2.49b, then you can choose between the basic Scripts Primstar-1.1 and the ready made Bundle Jass-Pub. Both of these products are free.

Some Helpful tips for Jass

Hint: for Linux users with Blender 2.49b: Jass-Pub contains a zip-folder with the pure Scripts distributions. This is what you will have to install on your Blender-2.4.
Hint: If you want to get the “pure download” from Domino designs AND if you are a technician who really knows how to install add on scripts on Blender-2.49b then the Primstar-1.1 distribution is your choice.