The SL Skeleton Course

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Course Description

This course guides you through the technical details of the Second Life Skeleton. We explain how rigging and weighting works in general. This knowledge is the foundation for a much better understanding of the workflows and could help you to create your own SL compatible characters, attachments and animations with more confidence.

The course is split into 7 lessons which build up on each other. The lessons are of varying complexity and length. We expect that an average learner needs about a week to work through the content of the course.

Course Video (with Closed Captions)

The course video contains a brief self contained introduction  into all topics which are covered in much greater detail within the course lessons. Note: The Video does not follow strictly the Outline of the lessons!

Your Feedback is required

This course will be updated frequently to add more knowledge and to improve the existing lessons.You are kindly requested to give us your feedback so that we know where we need to improve. Thanks!