Hint: Since Blender 2.67 we have bone weight copy tools (in the weight paint tool shelf). We seriously recommend to upgrade to Blender 2.68

for Blender-2.59 up to Blneder 2.66 we have a weight copy Addon for you.

CAUTION: This addon must not be used with Blender 2.67 or newer !!!


Bone Weight Copy

The only reason why this addon exists is because Blender had this functionality missing.

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  • Download the Bone weight Copy addon (enhanced version for OpenSim and similar online worlds). The exporter is packed into one single python file.
  • Open Blender’s addon installer and Install the downloaded file just like you do with any other Addon


There is no support available for this module.

Warning: This addon does only work in Blender 2.59 up to 2.66!