This is an attempt to create a glossary for terms used within Blender. It is a Work in Progress. But i really want people to comment on this, point me to errors in the definitions, and make proposals for additions. Because of that i want to work on this in the public.
Note: If this work gets eventually accepted and approved by Blender i will eventually move this Glossary to the Blender user manual. But for now i prefer to work in this Blog because editing is easier for me here.

The Blender Glossary


Terms used above which have not yet been defined. I am not sure how far i should go here. I guess it would be good to define at least those marked in orange:

  • Armature
  • Armature Modifier
  • Bone
  • Constraint
  • Empty
  • Mesh
  • Modifier
  • Pose, Bind Pose, Rest Pose
  • Skeleton
  • Vertex
  • Vertex Group
  • Vertex Weight
  • Weighting