Some random Tricks & Tips (actually just 3 small hints at the moment)

Your Blender Console Window is missingĀ  (Windows users)?

Open the console with:

Help -> Toggle System Console

Where is REDO ?

The REDO function is CTRL+SHIFT+z

Can i get CTRL+Y back for REDO ?

Yes. Here is how to do it
(In Blender 2.57b only the “window” hotkey category can be edited in 2.57b.
Workaround: instead of adding the hotkey to “screen”, add it to “window”.
The bug is fixed in revision in revision 36438:

  • File -> User Preferences -> Input
  • Locate “Screen” Entry in the list
  • click the EDIT button (Label changes to “Restore”)
  • open Screen -> Screen (Global)
  • Scroll down to end of the Sublist and click on “Add New”
  • Open the new Entry.
  • Type “ed.redo” into the leftmost field
  • Type “Y” into the secnd field
  • Checkmark Ctrl (in the secnd row)
  • Save as Default